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Mandawa is located in the heart of the fabulous Shekhawati region. The area is known around the world for its beautiful and numerous painted havelis.

Mandawa town has some of the best painted and preserved havelis in Shekhawati. Some of the better known and maintained buildings are the Akhram ka Haveli, Saraf Haveli, Bhagchand ka Haveli, Goenka Chhatri and the magnificent Gulab Ria Ladia Haveli.

The numerous and heavily painted havelis of Mandawa town include works of high quality. The murals illustrate the times of the people and depict everything that the artist considered worthy of capturing with his brush. There are scenes from the Hindu epics and local mythology. There are scenes of a cow drinking water alongside a tiger; a man hand printing cloth; wrestlers going about their sport; hunting scenes; battle scenes; paintings of animals such as elephants, tigers, horses and parrots and peacocks.

There is so much variety and beauty in the countryside and the havelis that a visit is definitely a must for visitors with a taste for culture, architecture and scenic beauty.