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The Chobdar Haveli is located in a quiet lane next to the most famous and historical monuments of Mandawa.

A lovely green lawn, bordered by flower beds, greets the visitor, giving the feel of an oasis, which it is in every sense. Several steps lead up to a large, impressive, metal-studded doorway leading into the building.

Built in 1900 Chobdar Haveli incorporates three archways that enclose a central courtyard - the classical tibari style. The haveli is a pristine white, which is a pleasing contrast to the sandstone yellow of the other buildings. The overall white ambience is maintained through out the carefully maintained interiors of the edifice.

The beauty of this beautiful haveli is reinforced by the unique building style of the Shekhawati region. The walls are all carefully burnished by agate, a traditionally Rajasthani method, to give a glass-like finish.

Peacocks are ever present - particularly the morning and evening. One can watch them as they wander the haveli, uncaring of the people around, adding a touch of beauty that no landscape artist can craft.