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Black & White Room

The Black & White room is a portrait of the 16th century, with all the features of the ancient times. Situated on the first floor, adjoining the terrace, the Black & White room lets you experience the old times. Beautiful in every manner the room has large beds and beautiful paintings.

Beautifully carved arches and uniquely painted pictures are displayed in the room . The room contain extra large king size beds with mattresses and bolsters occupying some sections of it. The room has been decorated with the idea to make you feel back late in the 16th century.

From the beds in the room to the French lamps of the year 1930, the look of the room resembles the Black & White times. Bathrooms are big enough and quite spacious, also the bath tubs in there are big enough.

If you wish to have a view of the entire town from your window, then Black & White rooms should be your choice. The entire town lies in front of your eyes and you can enjoy having a look at it. The Black & White room meets all your demands and it is wonderfully decorated. The artistic walls takes you down the memory lane when there were no colors and yet everything was serene and beautiful.