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Orange Room

The entrance to this room can be made form the private courtyard. The Orange Room is a large Rajasthani sitting arrangement. The grand bed room is a beauty in itself. The furniture in the room is a piece to look at. Every little thing in the room attracts you towards itself.

The artistic arches in the room, the paintings, the color of the walls and the combinations that bring out the room into one complete masterpiece. The orange white bathrooms that are spacious in every manner and contain bathtubs and all other accessories are other things that will make you chose this room when compared to all the others.

Each orange room has been uniquely laid out. Even the most minute details are considered and taken care of. The exquisite floral designs on the walls and ceilings bring out the beauty of the room in every sense. You can feel real royalty here, the mattresses and the bolsters occupy a section of the room.

Above all, if you love you praise nature and have a look at it, the Orange Room is just so perfect for you, as you can get a wonderful view of the greenery. You can see the beautiful and the green side of Rajasthan from this room, and feel nature too close to you.